Tuesday, April 1

Happy first day of April

In preparation for this weekend, my ward is doing a 7-day countdown to General Conference. It was mostly for the primary children, but I think it is helpful for anyone who wants to get ready for this amazing weekend. I am a couple days behind so I will post days 1 & 2 in this post. 

They are very easy, take minimal time, yet help put you in the spirit and mind frame of being ready to listen to our prophets voice!

Day 1. 

Write down some specific questions you are seeking direction and guidance for in your life. 
It could be 1 question or it could be 5. Do however many you need. If you can't think of any right away, pray and something will come. 

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Day 2.-- Watch the following video on our beloved prophet Thomas S. Monson

I know that if we prepare ourselves we will be so much more anxiously engaged and excited to hear the messages that have been prayed about for us to hear. 

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