Monday, March 31


Guys, I know, I am 10 years late. While I was in Arizona my bff, Brooke and her hub Sam had me watch Season 1 Episode 1 of Lost. It intrigued me ever so. When I got home I made Kasey watch the first episode, and somehow we are now almost done with Season 1.

Honestly something happens each and every episode that literally blows our minds. We are so grateful that Kasey has been on spring break so we have time to watch them together. Although he tells me we are going to have to wait until August to watch Season 2. How will I control myself? This might happen.....

We saw this commercial a couple days ago and I told Kase I could see myself doing this. When he told me I can't watch Season 2 until August and this may become a reality. 

No spoilers to the show please. 


  1. I am only kinda sorta tempted to watch this show. To be honest, it has never sounded even kinda good. BUT, if mrs. FAE watches it, I guess it can't be that bad! (And I do need another Netflix show due to my lack of self control. Ex: Watched all 178 episodes of Bones in a time I am too embarrassed to write).

    1. Haha I was just thinking of you watching Lost literal *moments* ago and then I see this. How funny/weird! It is a wee bit jumpy at times (Kasey may or may not have screamed in one episode) and I can't watch it right before bed, but I hope you decide to watch it so we can talk about it. Its pretty bizarro!