Monday, March 31


Guys, I know, I am 10 years late. While I was in Arizona my bff, Brooke and her hub Sam had me watch Season 1 Episode 1 of Lost. It intrigued me ever so. When I got home I made Kasey watch the first episode, and somehow we are now almost done with Season 1.

Honestly something happens each and every episode that literally blows our minds. We are so grateful that Kasey has been on spring break so we have time to watch them together. Although he tells me we are going to have to wait until August to watch Season 2. How will I control myself? This might happen.....

We saw this commercial a couple days ago and I told Kase I could see myself doing this. When he told me I can't watch Season 2 until August and this may become a reality. 

No spoilers to the show please. 

Sunday, March 30

Arizona, you always treat me right.

Lets not address the fact that it has been over two months since I have done a post. How about we just jump right into cooler things, aka things that don't make me feel like a slacker. I just returned last week from an almost 2 week vacation to Arizona. It was a delight. I was in need of some Vitamin D in my life, like desperately. I was also in even more desperation to see family- - sisters, nieces, nephews, and grandparents. I love my family soooo much and I am lucky to have so many sisters. It rocks. Arizona rocks. Life rocks.

|| One of my favorites from the trip. Coti and Ryker french kissing. I cried. ||

This vacation made me realize 4 things.
1. I hate being away from my best friend- - the hubster.
2. I need to live somewhere with shorter winters and more sunny days.
3. That place needs to be by my sisters/family.
4. I need to be better at taking pictures with family and friends- - let that goal commence.

We went on walks in the mornings and just chatted and laughed. Played by the pool. Watched movies and caught up on TV shows. Ate way too much, yet not enough, ice cream sandwiches and
fudge-icles (what the littles called them, also known as fudge-sickles). Ate out at all my favorite places. Ate Mexican food every other meal. And, now I am starting to see a theme.... eating. I guess it IS one of my best qualities, very suiting that my Arizona vacation revolved around it.

All in all, it was a wonderful vacation for me, yet not so wonderful for my main squeeze, whom I left at home to study his buns off and take finals. But hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. I love you hunzie buns, so glad to be reunited. We face timed mucho mucho.

P.S. I was even gone over our 4th year anniversary. We made a pack and pinky promised to never be apart for an anniversary again. Happy 4 years of pure bliss to us.

P.S.S or P.P.S (that is the question) If you have any ideas on great (and reasonably priced) web designers, let me know. I am in search for a new blog look, thanks mucho in advance.