Friday, January 17

Annie Sloan chalk paint/wax table refinish

Back in December I found a table at the local Value Village that was a great price and was just what I was looking for. We had a tall small table and wanted a shorter bigger rectangle table, but it needed a little... spruce. I had in mind what I wanted to do, so we made it our Christmas break project.

I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Wax. I had heard a lot about it and people who use it rave about it because with the chalk paint there is no sanding involved. I know, gasp in awe and amazement because I am telling the truth. You bet your bottom dollar. We had to sand the tabletop because we were planning to stain it.

(We initially wanted to also stain the chair tops but decided against it in the end. That is why Kasey is sanding the chair in the next picture. Other than that, zero sanding was done on chairs and table legs.)
[That is my wonderful father-in-law that helped us so much]

For the tabletop I searched and called and searched to see if it was possible to stain it with the Annie Sloan Dark Wax. (I even called the number on the site.) Well I wasn't getting many answers and finally went to a local store/vendor that sold Annie Sloan and she said it was possible and showed us on a piece of wood she had. I was thrilled because this meant that the wax would act as a stain and a seal all in one. Plus I didn't want that extra shine that you would get from using polyurethane. 

Drum roll please......... Here she is in her new skin!
First time being used and being able to put food on the table. Our other table was too small to put food at the table so it was always buffet style when you came to our house. Not anymore!

She turned out lovely and just the way I had imagined. We did two coats of the Dark Wax on top and then used Old White Chalk Paint with the clear wax over the painted parts. 

The one tip of advice that I will give is: Less is more concerning the wax. We are still "buffing" with some old shirts and elbow grease because we used way too much wax. So watch YouTube videos and review Annie's site, she has How To's. We had plenty left over and I am planning another project as I type. 

Another great thing is her paint is very very low odor and can be used inside with no problem. So this is great stuff for winter months when you can't be outside because it is just too frigid. 
Good Luck and have fun.

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  1. Looks great Amber! We do not have a dining table currently and need to get one soon! You guys did a fabulous job :D

  2. k...I'm shamelessly stalking your cute blog...I"m DYING to try this stuff!! A friend of mine showed me some cupboards she was working on with that paint and it was the coolest stuff ever! I really want to redo that little table our kids sat at...ohh...the possibles! (and I'm totally planning on doing the boys dresser with this stuff, no sanding...yes please! --totally going to have to hire you to help me!!! :D ) Your table looks amazing! I love it with the dark stain! so cool!!

  3. So glad I found this! I am redoing a dresser and want to stain the top and was wondering if her dark wax worked as a stain. Your table looks amazing! Thanks!