Monday, January 20

Birthday Celebration

He is not one to tell it to the world, so I guess I get to do it for him. 
I love birthdays and I think you should be treated special on your big day.
I mean it was the day you were brought into this world. How cool is that. 
We had a pretty relaxing day together.
Big breakfast, gym, gift shopping [becuase we are terrible gift givers] and celebrated with some friends Saturday night by going to dinner. They made some amazing tasting and beautiful looking cupcakes, thanks again you guys.  
What can I say, the man likes his peanut butter. 
I usually sit back and laugh slash gag as he puts it all on. It is a tad excessive, but that's his style. 
These cakes were huge. Like Ihop huge. So I barely ate one. 
Is your mouth watering yet? Aren't they beautiful. 
Deah, you should really open a shop, you would get a lot of business. 
Not only are they gorgeous but they are melt-in-your-mouth tasty. 
Happy 26th Mr. 
It is a joy to be with you everyday. 
He is dressed like a handsome devil because we had stake conference that night. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . 


Friday, January 17

Annie Sloan chalk paint/wax table refinish

Back in December I found a table at the local Value Village that was a great price and was just what I was looking for. We had a tall small table and wanted a shorter bigger rectangle table, but it needed a little... spruce. I had in mind what I wanted to do, so we made it our Christmas break project.

I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Wax. I had heard a lot about it and people who use it rave about it because with the chalk paint there is no sanding involved. I know, gasp in awe and amazement because I am telling the truth. You bet your bottom dollar. We had to sand the tabletop because we were planning to stain it.

(We initially wanted to also stain the chair tops but decided against it in the end. That is why Kasey is sanding the chair in the next picture. Other than that, zero sanding was done on chairs and table legs.)
[That is my wonderful father-in-law that helped us so much]

For the tabletop I searched and called and searched to see if it was possible to stain it with the Annie Sloan Dark Wax. (I even called the number on the site.) Well I wasn't getting many answers and finally went to a local store/vendor that sold Annie Sloan and she said it was possible and showed us on a piece of wood she had. I was thrilled because this meant that the wax would act as a stain and a seal all in one. Plus I didn't want that extra shine that you would get from using polyurethane. 

Drum roll please......... Here she is in her new skin!
First time being used and being able to put food on the table. Our other table was too small to put food at the table so it was always buffet style when you came to our house. Not anymore!

She turned out lovely and just the way I had imagined. We did two coats of the Dark Wax on top and then used Old White Chalk Paint with the clear wax over the painted parts. 

The one tip of advice that I will give is: Less is more concerning the wax. We are still "buffing" with some old shirts and elbow grease because we used way too much wax. So watch YouTube videos and review Annie's site, she has How To's. We had plenty left over and I am planning another project as I type. 

Another great thing is her paint is very very low odor and can be used inside with no problem. So this is great stuff for winter months when you can't be outside because it is just too frigid. 
Good Luck and have fun.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


Thursday, January 16

Fine, I will be the one to talk about Christmas halfway through January

Let't start at the very beginning, a very good place to start...of Christmas break, 
which feels like forever ago.

It all started on December 16th, the day Kasey started his 3 week break from school
We packed up and headed to Yakima to see his family. 

A couple days after we got there, Kasey's younger brother and his wife got there.
Then we all packed up to go see the older brother and his family in Portland.

We went to the Zoo lights, had doughnuts, fake Christmas, played games, ate yummy food, went to a mall with a LARGE tree, met up with some great friends, and then made a pit stop to
 Ikea on the way out.
Oh and the Mr. grew a beard for a while.

We had a blast, thanks Kurt and Elise for letting all of us crash your house! 

Showing off his hula hoopin' skills to me. 

Then Kasey's younger brother and "new" wife went on a honeymoon -- the same place Kasey and I went almost 4 years ago -- I wasn't jealous at all. Nope not one bit, with my parka on everywhere I went while they laid by the beach sippin' virgin Miami Vices. Not. Jealous. One. Bit.
I'm sure you caught my sarcasm. 

While they were away in heaven-land we went to Seattle, the place we will move to in t-minus 7.5 months (if my calculations are correct).

We stopped in to see my Aunt and Uncle and fell in LOVE with the area they live in! 
(Aunt Sharsti, if you are reading this, tell the motorcycle bachelor man that I will bake him bread every week if we can live in his guest house.)


Then we went to the Ballard Locks and watched a couple different boats go from Puget Sound into Lake Union, really neat, yet really cold experience. 
Hence the parka WITH the hood on.

But there were some warm(ish) days and those days we went for a cruise.

It was a wonderful relaxing vacation, and I even made a quilt, that's not always "relaxing" plus we refinished a table (I will blog about both of those tomorrow).

Now for some Christmas jammy and gift pictures:

He knows me so well. This game has gotten a fair amount of use already.

Thanks mom and dad Hendricks for a great two and a half weeks and all the trips and gifts and how can we forget the food! We were fed like royalty and then got back to all the New Year's resolution crap. Hope you have had a wonderful start to your new year.
Now I am done talking about Christmas.

. . . . . . . . . . .