Wednesday, December 4

In the past two days

In the past two days, I have had the opportunity to watch two of my friends littles.
Not the same day. Not the same gender. Not the same age.
Which gave me a wide range of childhood in only two days.
One newborn boy. One 15 [ish] month old girl.
Lincoln and Claire. They both bring joy to my heart.
 Here is the Beautiful Claire. 
She was so good and loved reading books and playing with those stacking blocks, oh and since I have no toys, I threw in a Graham Cracker box as my contribution. She enjoyed it to the fullest.
 Since I had no delicious fresh fruit available, 
this is how we got to taste apples, strawberries, and grapes. 
The grapes were her fave selection, mine was the strawberries. 
She already has a great imagination.
 I took this hoping she was even looking, then to my surprise she was sportin' a little grin.
That night I enjoyed the delicious Trader Joe's hot chocolate I got for watching Claire. 
Thanks Whitney!!

Then round two [today] was wee little baby Lincoln. 
We just sat and cuddled and watched Ellen. 
I could really get used to this.
Thanks for letting me snuggle him Crystal!!

From this deal I got cheesecake.
They really didn't need to give me anything, I had so much fun and it was easy peasy.
Alas, you they know the way to my heart,
babies and food!

. . . . . . . . . . 


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