Wednesday, November 6

Tomorrow's The Day. . .

Tomorrow is the day I have been looking forward to for weeks.
Tomorrow is the day that is making me so I am too excited to sleep.
Tomorrow is why I cleaned my house today.
Tomorrow, one of my best friends comes to town!

Alissa and I met way back in college, the fall of '07 [it feels like it was forever ago].
We were randomly put together as roommates. Apartment 309, Royal Crest.
Who knew a best friend would stem from a random roommate.
We are soul mates, honestly she makes my soul happy.

Me - - Holli - - Sam - - Alissa
[Other best friends/roomies - - your turns to come visit Holli and Sam]

She is my first visitor and will always be remembered for that. 
The day she called me I was ecstatic with the news.
She knew exactly what I needed. 

Obviously these pictures are a tad outdated. I can't wait to get some pictures this week of us. 
I love friends and I am so lucky to have the best ones. 
Alissa, you are clearly amazing in me eyes. 
If you want to be ahhhh-mazing, come visit me.
Jokes, but....... :)

. . . . . . . . . . 


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