Thursday, November 21

Skating Scouts

Kasey and I got called to be Cub Scouts Leaders as our calling in the ward a couple months back. 
It has been so fun. Here are some reasons why:
A. The calling is together, aka another hour each week to be together... no school allowed!!
2. The boys are hilarious and we always have awesome stories.
D. I am learning all about scouts for my future boys. 

Last night we went ice skating. Yes yes I know, very scary with 8, 9, and 10 year old boys.
But, there were zero, nada, zip accidents. Thank heavens for that miracle. 

Those 4 people in the back row were not with our group, but are expert photo bombers.
It was a wonderfully cold night.

Moments prior to this photo being taken, after all the kids were inside taking their skates off, we did a lap of our own. At this point Kasey must have been feeling super confident because he takes my hands and starts skating backwards, super romantic right? Well then how did it end in laughter? Well as soon as he starts, I mean starts like even thinks about skating backwards, almost falls like falling falling falling, somehow still standing. So clearly he goes for a round two, but this time it didn't end in a miracle standing position, rather flat on his back. Flat. I was doubled over in laughter! I sure love him.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . 


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