Tuesday, October 29

Halloween Week / / Cookie Decorating at its Finest

A week ago we got invited to our friends house to decorate cookies. We were excited but we had no clue, honestly no clue, what we were in for. Dean and Leah (the friends) were soooo creative and born naturals at this business. I mean, anything that I did that turned out remotely good was taken from their ideas. Plus they decorated almost double what Kasey and I did.

It was so fun and they had made everything ahead of time so we just showed up and made a mess, sorry guys! They had put together 8 or 9 colors and had the cookies made.

^^This was the "A" pile^^

Somehow we always make friends with the tallest people,
which is fine, we just feel like dwarfs. 

I love the ghosts that are in love. 

*To get the cookies to look this professional [like I said, any of them that look good were done by them] is make frosting and line the cookie then add water to that same frosting to make it a thinner frosting and the thinner frosting is the filler. As Dean said, "Less is not more in this situation". Meaning don't skimp on the frosting in the center. Then you smooth it out with a toothpick, wait for it to dry if you want to add anything on top, like R.I.P.

There was a fast explanation on how to experience cookie decorating at its finest.

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  1. How fun! These cookies look so cute, I love the little ghosts haha

    xoxo JJ