Friday, October 25

A Wedding and 2 Weekends

I am a little behind. So lets start with two weekends ago I got a new sister, Kelly and Jenna got married! It was in the Logan at one of my favorite temples. It was beautiful and perfect. 
Mr. and Mrs. Hendricks 10.12.13

Since my cousin lives in logan she did my make-up. She is awesome, if you need someone and you are in Utah, give her a call. [Yay for celiseartistry]
While she was beautifying me I had to stop and take a picture because I thought I looked like a deer. Can you see it? I had a good laugh, hope you do too.

Here are more wedding pictures, I got side tracked, but I just had to show off my deer-ness. 

*note the bee in the picture above, Kasey is amazing, and then I almost dropped the flowers out of sheer terror.

 Cute nephews that we love so much. Look at those bow ties! 

Finners being funny

Since there was a big game that day in Logan, these crazy amazing people were in town and stopped by for a visit. Lucky us!!

Now these pictures below are from this past weekend in Yakima at the reception and some of us just loungin around at the house. 
[Sorry mom, these are the only picture I got of the beautiful reception]


Kasey trying to be super cool like his older brother who CAN actually play these. Also, when I have kids someday, I not going to buy them toys because they were so thrilled playing in that laundry basket. Blows my mind what kids find fascinating. 
Weddings are always fun to bring family and friends together. 
Congrats Kelly and Jenna, and welcome [[Officially]] to the fam!

/ / Amber / /


  1. It was so fun to see you guys even just for a little bit! You are so right about kids liking the simple things. Alice got a tea set and a little baby bottle where the milk disappears when turned over. Joci got the bottle for her. It was a dollar and it was Alice's FAVORITE present.

    I am reading a book that actually talks about that. It's called Simplicity Parenting, by Kim Payne. I really like it.

    When you get a chance will you email your address. I just may actually get Christmas Cards sent out this year. I make no promises though. I figure it would help if I actually have all the addresses on hand. Ha! It's been a few years. Oh Man! My email is just my first & last name at gmail. Love you!