Thursday, October 31

Halloween DAY / / All Hallow's Eve

Happy Halloween!!!

I do not know how this happened, but it did. We did not dress up this year, it is a "bloody" shame,
[I intended that to go along with scary halloween stuff and not to be taken as an England-ite would]
especially because dressing up is soooo funnnn.

Normally we rock the halloween costumes, but time and creativity just plain slipped my brain this year. With Kasey busy with school and me having a traveling October, I just dropped the ball. But we did have a fun one in mind, maybe next year!

So since I did a no-no... here are some of our past Hallow's Eve costumes [and more].

I don't know how my mom ever got me to be anything but a witch, 
it was my favorite thing to dress up as when I was a child. 

Oh Kasey, how you have changed, and how this picture makes me laugh - - so hard. 
[Confession: this wasn't actually a Halloween picture. I thought it was but he says it wasn't. I guess it was just a day in the life of college Kasey. That could be scary enough to go with a Halloween theme]

I can't find a full body shot, but here I am dressed up as Cindy Lou - - 
Yes Christmas is my favorite, so I rep it at Halloween. 
[Hair done by my amazingly talented sister Kensi]

After finding out that the above picture (and many others) of Kasey wasn't from Halloween I assumed this one wasn't either, just another day from college life. BUT this one was actually Halloween. 
Friends pictured:
Kasey - - Garrett - - Christian
They absolutely felt like the coolest kids in school. 

A quick costumes to wear to work.
An 80's Mom. 
My hair was meant for the 80's goll darn-it. 

Look at that duo. The good ole days at Elison Orthodontics! 
I don't think we could have been taken seriously at work that day. 
Awesome poker faces. Amazing leggings MacRae. 

Another work picture.
I was Albert Pujols (pronounced "poo-holes").
His name makes me laugh so, naturally, I had to be him. 

This one is unknown: Halloween or Not?
Oh boy, looks like he had some fun friends!

Christian and Kasey....again, Halloween or not?

. . . . . 

Since I have thrown in a couple non-halloweeners
 - - Yes I just said that - -
I am going to throw in a couple more for good measure. 

Erick - - Kasey - - Garrett - - Kyle 
These boys are friends 'till the end. 
Staged picture and yes they all wore these to Stake Conference. Sat apart, intentionally.
Then when they "ran" into each other at the end they acted like they didn't plan it.
Then they had a photo shoot.

Alissa - - Me - - Holli
Making a music video. Something Holli has taught us through years of being roomies. 
[p.s. Alissa is coming to visit me in ONE WEEK. I love friends]

Kasey - - Kyle - - Jesse - - Erick
We were going to a demolition derby and the boys had to do this with their manly grown, real staches.
We like to dress up, I guess it just isn't always at Halloween.

. . . . . 

Now to the couple pictures.
The first one was when we were dating.

[Thank you SDR for the Poppins pictures]

Well, maybe I have dropped the ball more than just this year. We have had [now] 5 Halloweens together and we only have 2 couples dress up pictures. Yikes. I must be missing one year at least....

Just to give an excuse, Kasey used to work a job where he had to work the last two days of every month, so he was always gone on Halloween night.
 Okay, okay, that didn't help my case so we will just have to get better! Next year. 

Now go make some cornbread and chili.
That is what we are having for dinner - - it is tradition.
It is going to be a black bean meatless one. Yummmm.

Love // Amber

Told ya.

Wednesday, October 30

Halloween Week / / Halloween-slash-Birthday Bash

Last Saturday night we went to a party. Not just any party. The kind where you leave with smile cramps, memories, weird pictures, and plans for a Christmas party. It was a blast. We played games, ate, more games, more food, lots of talking, more food, laughter, games.... I think you get the idea. Here is the evidence of the weirdness and the laughter. Thanks KaeCee (happy birthday) & Jake for hosting! 
[Why yes, yes there were 3 "KC's" in attendance. Mine being the only boy]

Couples from left to right:
Dean and Leah - - Gina and Kyle - - Jake and KaeCee - - Japanese man stache Amber and Luigi Kasey
[We were short two fake staches so that is where the improvising comes in.]

There were more couples at the party but [unfortunately] they left before ^this^ craziness happened, 
I guess it is safe to say that this was the after party.  

I dare you to not smile while 6 people are pointing and laughing... 
I win, you lose.

Let me tell you a story about these here group pictures. The timer was set for 12 seconds. 
Guys, we sat like this in silence for 12 seconds. 
12 Seconds.

Now, 12 seconds may not seem like a long time to you, but when you know you look 
like a fool while trying to hold your poker face, it's a long time.

Immediately after the shot was taken we would all erupt into laughter and 
run to the camera to check everyone out, individually, one-by-one, zoomed in.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say Dean took the cake in every shot. 
Kudos Dean, kudos.

/ / AMBER / /

Tuesday, October 29

Halloween Week / / Cookie Decorating at its Finest

A week ago we got invited to our friends house to decorate cookies. We were excited but we had no clue, honestly no clue, what we were in for. Dean and Leah (the friends) were soooo creative and born naturals at this business. I mean, anything that I did that turned out remotely good was taken from their ideas. Plus they decorated almost double what Kasey and I did.

It was so fun and they had made everything ahead of time so we just showed up and made a mess, sorry guys! They had put together 8 or 9 colors and had the cookies made.

^^This was the "A" pile^^

Somehow we always make friends with the tallest people,
which is fine, we just feel like dwarfs. 

I love the ghosts that are in love. 

*To get the cookies to look this professional [like I said, any of them that look good were done by them] is make frosting and line the cookie then add water to that same frosting to make it a thinner frosting and the thinner frosting is the filler. As Dean said, "Less is not more in this situation". Meaning don't skimp on the frosting in the center. Then you smooth it out with a toothpick, wait for it to dry if you want to add anything on top, like R.I.P.

There was a fast explanation on how to experience cookie decorating at its finest.

/ / Amber / /

Friday, October 25

A Wedding and 2 Weekends

I am a little behind. So lets start with two weekends ago I got a new sister, Kelly and Jenna got married! It was in the Logan at one of my favorite temples. It was beautiful and perfect. 
Mr. and Mrs. Hendricks 10.12.13

Since my cousin lives in logan she did my make-up. She is awesome, if you need someone and you are in Utah, give her a call. [Yay for celiseartistry]
While she was beautifying me I had to stop and take a picture because I thought I looked like a deer. Can you see it? I had a good laugh, hope you do too.

Here are more wedding pictures, I got side tracked, but I just had to show off my deer-ness. 

*note the bee in the picture above, Kasey is amazing, and then I almost dropped the flowers out of sheer terror.

 Cute nephews that we love so much. Look at those bow ties! 

Finners being funny

Since there was a big game that day in Logan, these crazy amazing people were in town and stopped by for a visit. Lucky us!!

Now these pictures below are from this past weekend in Yakima at the reception and some of us just loungin around at the house. 
[Sorry mom, these are the only picture I got of the beautiful reception]


Kasey trying to be super cool like his older brother who CAN actually play these. Also, when I have kids someday, I not going to buy them toys because they were so thrilled playing in that laundry basket. Blows my mind what kids find fascinating. 
Weddings are always fun to bring family and friends together. 
Congrats Kelly and Jenna, and welcome [[Officially]] to the fam!

/ / Amber / /