Sunday, September 8

stand up & share the love

Spokane has been good to us. We love the people we are meeting. Life is good. I am not one to normally talk about or share my religious beliefs, but I feel the need to today and from here on out. Last night we went to a large group meeting, called Stake Conference. It was amazing. It was our first time attending one in Spokane and we sure felt the love. There were wonderful people who gave incredible, touching stories of how they were converted to living the gospel, whether they were re-activated members or a first time member of 1 year. It was beautiful. 

So I can do nothing short of share what I felt and what I heard. 

Something that stood out to me was how important it is, as LDS members, to live the gospel and show it and then... share it. Many of the conversion stories did not come directly from the missionaries, but it was the members who reached out and then involved the missionaries. We need to stand up and not be afraid to help our neighbors or family and be examples. Now, I am not saying only be friends to get them to church, but rather be genuinely kind, always, even if they turn down what you are trying to offer. One of the speakers gave a list of three things that every new member or any member needs:

    1. A friend in the church - - someone to talk to and share their true feelings with
    2. An assignment
    3. To be nourished by the word of God
As I have two siblings out on missions right now, I see what hard work it is to be a missionary. I can feel the sacrifice it is for them, not only to be away from family, but to have so much love for the people they are serving only to have those people say "no" or reject something that is so close to their heart. Then, just like clock work, each and every day they are blessed with the spirit of the Lord and they are able to continue in light and happiness. They need, no, they rely on the member missionaries to help! The work must go on and it is with great haste, lets be a part of it. 

During the meeting yesterday there was a moment when it was quiet and one woman stood and started singing The Spirit of God. As each new line came someone else would randomly stand in the audience until the entire congregation was standing and singing in unison with such power and love that I felt my heart might burst with joy (unbeknownst to anyone sitting around me a little tear was shed). It will be a forever cherished moment. This is the feeling we can all have when we stand together and profess what we know to be true with those family members and friends you think you should help but never have the courage to. 
 Sister Sandall is in the middle, i LOVE her.
Elder Kivett, my little big brother, i LOVE him. 
[Don't I have the cutest siblings ever, I miss them.]

There were a few family members and friends that I thought of last night. Be an ordinary person who will do extraordinary things. Stand up and share the love.

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