Monday, September 16

Rainy Monday's

I think for some people, starting out the week with rain has a bad omen, but for me, it was just what I needed. Well that and a little out door adventure. I went with a friend on a walk today and if these pictures don't convince you [friends and family] to come visit me, then.... I will just keep on posting pictures.
things to notice: stream, golf course, fog, and then all of its brilliance when compiled in one picture

 Maybe you can not tell, but that is a cute little farm with a barn down there

Just stumbled upon a beautiful golf course
[above and below]

 Have I mentioned how much we love Spokane? Well we do, and this weather may be a glimpse into the love I will have for Seattle. Come visit me, it will be fun!

If the lush green didn't get you maybe this sunset will, it was taken on campus where Kasey goes to school. Happy Monday.

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