Monday, September 30

Living where you live.

The last three photos were a progression of the sunset in a matter of, oh about 7 minutes. With the last one being just absolutely breath taking. If you can imagine, it was even more divine in reality.

I think it is very easy to set your mind on something and stick with it. Allow me to explain myself. I grew up in Arizona, so clearly, everything in Arizona was the best. Then as I moved on to Idaho I still dwelt on all of Arizona's fascinations, such as its sunsets (just one of many things). I would often think, "Oh this Rexburg sunset is pretty, but have you SEEN Arizona sunsets". 

We get into this loyal mind frame, that may become a little overbearing, dare I say a little too loyal? Don't get me wrong, everything about an Arizona sunset still gets to me to my very core, but for myself, it was inhibiting me from really sinking my feet into the place I stood. I look back on my time spent in Rexburg and I crave THOSE sunsets [no worries I still think of you too az sunset]. But only did I notice that once I moved away. 

What I am getting to is this, we can look at life and always wish for the past or the greener grass over "there" (wherever that is). But the truth is when you are looking beyond your own you are, metaphorically speaking, "watering" that grass, "their or that" grass. Inhibiting the place you stand to be worthy of your own water, i.e. thoughts and happiness. 

Trials come, moves transpire, and well, life happens. It is in these moments that we must recognize that the grass is green where we stand. If we cannot make the grass under us green then we will be unhappy, plain and true. It may take time and it may take hard work, but in the end, it is well worth the effort of loving where you are. Make every moment in life, no matter where you are, a self fulfilled one. Be happy where you are and make the best of it.

I wanted, after all my professing, I actually wanted to not like Spokane or Washington in general. I wanted to have my time in Washington be a 4 year sentence of my husband in dental school, and that's it. Then as I was trying to be happy and make the grass green where I stood, I accidentally started to love it. I started love Spokane. Miracles might just happen when you allow yourself the room for new opportunities and/or growth in a trial.

I hope I have not lost you in all my talk of metaphors and deep personal feelings, if you are still with me, all I am getting at is love where you live, or more importantly where you are in life. Then, my friends, you will be filled with joy and energy that may not be felt without first accepting your place in life.



  1. Well I think it' a real good thing you didn't go to AZ for Dental School--because there literally isn't any "green grass" for you to be happy on! ;)
    Glad you miss Rexburg, and glad you love Spokane!! I think any place that you get to be with your best friend, is the best place to be! (referring to KDH here).

    1. Haha- - Nice one with the green grass :) I do miss Rexburg, and I will be there on Wednesday!

  2. Well said. Arizona is pretty nice but my heart is still in Rexburg (for now). I'm sure I wont miss it as much once Winter comes and I'm outside playing tennis. :)