Tuesday, September 3

Labor Day

The Hendricks family has a tradition: boating and bulls. 
Two things that start with "b" to celebrate labor day.
Usually we cannot attend because we lived so far away, but now that we are only 3 hours away,
you bet your bottom dollar we were there. 
And, it was awesome. 
Extreme Bulls
and if you know me you know we are just going to have to mention FOOD! 

Thanks mom and dad hendy for a much too perfect weekend 
{even if we did have to
 "come out of the closet" -K 
every morning}. 

{I have somehow claimed the Chevelle to be my "baby" so I always get to drive him}
Selfie slef picture in the back seat of the 'burb headed to the Rodeo
{This is Kelly, brother-in-law, and Jenna, soon-to-be sister. He should be a real cowboy. I was shocked all night at how well he pulls off the look}
My little flipper fish who loves the water.

 {what happened to me above? no eyes}

 {grandma was a trooper and came along, she even got in the water}

And just to let it be known, I fully submerged myself in the Columbia River on September 2nd 2013, it only took me 3 1/2 years to work ip the courage.

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