Wednesday, January 30

The looong weekend and a birthday {late}

Since this past weekend was a long one, we got to go to Afton {starvalley} Wyoming. 
What. A. Blast.
 A few things we did:
Hung out with old friends and met new friends, thoroughly joyful.
{if you're reading this, game night?}
Ate some yummy food
Dressed in the warmest thickest layers possible
Nearly broke our thumbs from riding snowmobiles, which was actually a highlight,
snowmobiling that is...
We were smiling in the pictures below even though you can not see our faces. It is a natural reaction I guess.

Marveled at the beautifully scenery all around, seriously it was breathtaking.
Competitively played some games {of course I won}
Relaxed for a flick or two
Got some new house ideas, we stayed in a beautifully decorated cabin [go mama Wendy]

That fridge is covered with polka dot wallpaper. in. love.

 The Mr. turned a quarter century old!!
(The most handsome, kind, loving, funny 25 year old I know)
No one got hurt.
It just happens to be one of the funnest weekends we have had in a long time. We are so super lucky to have such great friends. Thanks for an awesome long weekend!

Oh and we came home to this, thanks to our secret admirers, does this mean love?
That is the question.

Saturday, January 12

A little pick-me-up

Well, it is official, I am back in school. I am on campus, I wear a back pack and pack my lunch... most days. In one of my classes on Thursday my teacher showed us a mormon messages video that was just what I needed, a pick-me-up that made me feel inspired.