Friday, November 9

The little things that are really the big things.

A couple weeks ago I mentioned to Kasey that I really wanted the new Taylor Swift c.d., and that was that. Well yesterday, he called me during his lunch hour and said he had to pick up something at the store for someone in our ward and then asked if I needed anything. So I gave him a list, the usual: milk, peanut butter, butter, and stuff for last nights dinner. Well he finally gets home, but instead of walking in he knocks, and when I open the door he is standing there with this cute plant and the itunes card so I could download her c.d. on my phone. He made up the story of needing to go to the store to get me this stuff, and he says it was, "just because I love you so much". I tell ya what, that made my day and week! I would say I am one lucky girl to have such the perfect man.  
On a side note, I made a deal with myself to go to the gym early, and this is what it looked like outside at 6:55am today. I actually liked the snowy morning, and I actually like going to the gym early too. Weird things are happening to me, maybe its the realization that we could have no snow next year, depending on where we get for school! Well, happy friday!


  1. 6:55.....Crickey FAE, that is EARLY!!! I wish you would just embrace the cold and run with us! :) and that KDH is a special lad!