Tuesday, November 20

Maybe, just maybe, I will laugh later...

Photo taken from Pinterest, ours did not turn out that professional and were consumed soon after made.

On Sunday night my awesome, hilarious, prank pullin (the ones that spelled "poop" as our apt number or name I guess) cousin had a Birthday and a party to celebrate. We did some very fun things like make reindeer (pictured above) and of course, the normal chit chat with our favorite memories being told of Haily, which lead to some funny conversations.

Then, Kasey, decides to challenge the boys to a push-up contest, 100 in 3 minutes. So of course all of the boys have to give it a try, and then someone mentions the girls doing some kind of push-up challenge, I resisted at first, not wanting to do it and then I caved, my competitive streak got the best of me, and I did it (although I didn't want anyone to see so Mel and I went in the back room to prove it to each other and ourselves I guess). 

Girls had to do 10 boy push-ups and 20 girl, not hard right? Wrong! I *pushed* right through them fairly quick and was totally fine. Then the next day and today happened and the after affects hit and they hit unreasonably hard, in fact I cannot move me left arm. Strained. A. Muscle, from 30 push-ups?!  So funny yet no laughing is happening from me, but I think Kasey is secretly laughing. I tried running yesterday, to no avail, due to the zero percent range of motion in my left arm. Then last night I had the worst charlie horse known to mankind, in my shoulder. Lame-o, to say the least. All the other girls that participated in the challenge have had children and were not harmed by this in the least, that right there is the funniest thing of all. So now, I sit and ice, heat, rub, meds, and pain-a-trate on my arm, but I guess its an excuse to indulge in more Friends. If I do too much that piercing charlie horse comes back with a devilish vengeance, stupid mean push-ups. I guess that's a sign to get into better shape. But maybe I will wait to do a push-up for a month or more. Hope your Tuesday is filled with moving arms and happiness!

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