Sunday, September 2

Wenatchee Family Reunion

And this wasn't even close to half the pictures taken. It was a blast, to say the least. We ate like royalty and thoroughly enjoyed the family time. I found out that mexican trains (played grandma Townsends way) is my favorite game, with candyland a close second... The scenery was gorgeous and the water was supreme, as in glass, temperature wise, well you know me. We missed one piece to the puzzle, or family rather, Kurt and Elise we can't wait to all be together for disneyland next year, love ya! 

This last picture you see here, with our car in shambles, is of the men trying to (at 5 in the morning) find a little friend that tried to make Cece its home. A mouse. Yes you read it correct, a little cute mouse that is not so cute when trying to make nests in your car. We never saw him leave and so the entire ride home I definitely could hear him crawling in the roof {Kasey just laughed} and at every stop I made Mr. re-check the car for any signs of him. Well he is gone now, sigh of relief. 

Thank you Mom and Dad for one awesome week of sun, fun, and food.