Friday, August 24

Where to start?

How does one attempt to recap nearly 3 months of life? I shall not complain, for I did this to myself. It truly has been far too long and then even longer because I procrastinated, oh lets just give a round about number of,  407 times. There is just so much to talk about and to share so get ready for a crazy overload amount of pictures/posts. I will try to keep my rambling to a minimum, but I am a girl, so we will see how that goes over.

We have loved being able to have reading parties now that Kase is done with his undergrad and taking the DAT/applying for school.

Here is my very handsome man, getting ready for work but....
Is there anything more handsome than a man holding a baby? 
No, it is the most handoms, especially when he asks to hold them.
They each got a dollar after they caught the tennis ball. 
He is going to be the best, and cutest, dad.
It doesn't look like it in this picture but they were so excited to get that money.

So jumbled but there is the first recap,
still to come: Lake Powell
Family reunion
A delicious recipe
and a couple more vacations.

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