Tuesday, May 8

The Weekend

What a fun weekend it was, and what a horrible updater of the blog I am. When did life get so busy? I have no kids, I have no responsibilities, but I do have a cute hubby getting ready to take the DAT again. Maybe I am just sharing his stress load. That is the only logical solution so we are sticking with it.

Now, to the weekend. It was wonderful.
Spent lots of time with family and friends.
Made some great memories.
Found my new favorite ice cream place, in which I refused to go to at first.
Went to little Max's baby blessing.
A cinco de mayo bridal shower for my Meesh.
Last, a night in, with the hubs with Totino's and sweats.

The weekend wad great spent in Utah.
I love my Kasey so much and I am so lucky that I have him. Spending time together is so needed and helps strengthen our marriage. Keep studying sweets and I will keep praying for you (and that stinkin test).

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