Wednesday, May 16

20 for 20

Here are 20 reasons why I love my Kasey:
  1. He is handsome
  2. Great work ethic
  3. Always serving and LOVES to do so
  4. Happy and upbeat
  5. Wonderful with kids
  6. He tells me I am beautiful everyday
  7. Loves to help in the kitchen
  8. Gives great foot massages
  9. Takes care of me when I am sick
  10. Best kisser :) I am allowed to say that one
  11. Plays the guitar 
  12. While singing and sometimes sings me to sleep
  13. Makes me giggle everyday
  14. Thinks the glass is half full
  15. His eyes
  16. Incredible athlete
  17. Helps me be a better person
  18. Opens my door, aka, gentleman
  19. My other half
  20. He got a 20 on the DAT!!
He did it everyone, he. did. it!! I am so happy, proud, and just thrilled. I am not sure what other words I can use. When I found out I cried and all at the same time couldn't stop smiling. Pure joy. Now, I can once again be his girlfriend. 


  1. wow thats awesome, congrats. whats the highest score for that test?

  2. that is so exciting amber!! we are so happy for you guys! what a cute way to announce it to us too!!