Wednesday, April 18

Tackle Time

For FHE on Monday night we took some treats to a few new couples in the ward. One of them happens to live in the apartment behind us. As we started back home, after dropping the cookies off, we decided to go around our own building on opposite sides. Kasey took the longer route and was running faster, I took the shorter route and was piddly dink joggin, lovin life. As I came around the corner of our own apartment, with running up the stairs on my mind, things start to get fuzzy. I did not make it to the stairs, rather, I lay flat on my back. How did this happen you ask? Kasey football tackled me.

His side of the story as follows:
"I was running and I was going to scare you, but instead you scared me and I was jumping over the bush and you came around the corner and I tried to dodge you but I guess I tackled you"

So there you have it. Who knows if this tackle is the cause of my neck being so sore that it hurts to even swollow... Hey I am not pointing any fingers.

Sorry I do not have any pictures. I wished someone had secretly been videoing, but alas, this will only be a memory in our heads, NEVER to be forgotten!

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  1. I wish someone would have secretly made a video of that as well ;) you two are adorable!