Monday, April 2

the NCAA monday night partay

{this is katie and I took this from her blog, hope she doesn't mind, I just wanted you to see how cute she is!}

Tonight we are watching the NCAA championship game. We went to the gym, ate dinner, and now its sweats time while he watches the game and I paint my toes. We love our bonding time, on commercials we chat and giggle.

We are most excited about the fact that our friends are having a baby within the next 12 hours. We made guesses on weight. I say 6lbs 14oz and Kase says 7lbs 3oz. Oh, lets be honest, I don't care who wins, I just want to see the little guy. Congrats you soon to be momma and dadda. We love you guys! You can do it Katie.

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  1. Yayyyyyyyyyy i get a nephew, i get nephew, i get a nephew!!! Whoop Whoop!