Wednesday, April 11

Easter Family Activites

Easter brought beautiful weather. So, clearly, we all go outside. Then one thing leads to another and soon enough the boys have made up a new game or rather activity. 'Catch the frisbee in your...mouth'. It is all fun and games until someones, lip starts bleeding. Whose lip do you think that would have been? The one and only Mr. Sir. I hope you had a happy Easter, I hope you didn't go home with a bloody, puffy lip like we did.

 "Easter flowers bring, easter showers" -Kasey D. Hendricks
Hey, at least he is braces free. That would have really cut deep. No worries, it is healing well.


  1. ouch!! glad it didnt mess up his handsome new smile from those braces!! fewf!

  2. OUCH!! That would have been the worst if he still had his braces. Tell him I feel his pain. Do you remember my little accident in fourth grade? Yep had to get stitches inside of my lip. Well also tell him congrats on graduation!!