Thursday, April 26

All About Arizona

This past weekend we went to Arizona. It was definitely a QT (quick trip) but we accomplished much. Even though my bum was numb from the 30 (or close to) hours in the car, it was actually worth it. For the first time these words came out of Kase's mouth, "I want to live here". Well worth it friends, well worth it. We enjoyed the 100 degree weather and the beautiful sun, the food, that's a given, and, the friends and family, clearly. We are much too anxious and overly excited to go back in 3 months. Let the count down begin. Take a looksie.

Wednesday, April 18

Tackle Time

For FHE on Monday night we took some treats to a few new couples in the ward. One of them happens to live in the apartment behind us. As we started back home, after dropping the cookies off, we decided to go around our own building on opposite sides. Kasey took the longer route and was running faster, I took the shorter route and was piddly dink joggin, lovin life. As I came around the corner of our own apartment, with running up the stairs on my mind, things start to get fuzzy. I did not make it to the stairs, rather, I lay flat on my back. How did this happen you ask? Kasey football tackled me.

His side of the story as follows:
"I was running and I was going to scare you, but instead you scared me and I was jumping over the bush and you came around the corner and I tried to dodge you but I guess I tackled you"

So there you have it. Who knows if this tackle is the cause of my neck being so sore that it hurts to even swollow... Hey I am not pointing any fingers.

Sorry I do not have any pictures. I wished someone had secretly been videoing, but alas, this will only be a memory in our heads, NEVER to be forgotten!

Wednesday, April 11

Easter Family Activites

Easter brought beautiful weather. So, clearly, we all go outside. Then one thing leads to another and soon enough the boys have made up a new game or rather activity. 'Catch the frisbee in your...mouth'. It is all fun and games until someones, lip starts bleeding. Whose lip do you think that would have been? The one and only Mr. Sir. I hope you had a happy Easter, I hope you didn't go home with a bloody, puffy lip like we did.

 "Easter flowers bring, easter showers" -Kasey D. Hendricks
Hey, at least he is braces free. That would have really cut deep. No worries, it is healing well.

Monday, April 9

The Graduate

WAHOOOO! You are such a manly man! You are a college graduate. Smarty pants. I love you soo much and I am so happy for you (and me, we can hang out after I get off work now) and I am even more proud of you! Thanks for working so hard Mr. Sir.

I know it is not a great picture but that is Elder Ballard. Great grad talk.
"Kasey Daniel Hendricks; Exercise Science" that's my man on that screen
Mom had the door and interior of the house decorated for the newest grad in the family. He was in heaven. Reasonably so.

Thursday, April 5

Graduation times 2

It is here. Tomorrow, Friday, April 6th 2012 (on one of my great brother in-laws Birthdays - Happy Birthday Brett) Kasey will graduated with a Bachelors in Exercise Science from BYU-I. After four long, hard working, late night, testing center going, taking away from spending time together, years he has done it. He We get to move on and go into our next chapter of life (which right now is vacationing ALL summer). We are so excited for what lies ahead, even though it does make us a teensy eensy weensy bit nervous.

 I mean we have got the DAT {may}, application for Dental Schools {june}, interviews at lots of schools, hopefully {this fall}, and then we will hope to hear from someone in December saying: "Come to our school. No, come to our school. Oh, you want us to go to YOUR school". You know, hopefully it will go a little something like that.

 Welp, ladies and gents, he did it. I am so proud of him. These classes are not easy, I only know that because when he talks to fellow students about different subjects and classes (bio-chem, for example), he is literally speaking alien german. Ya, hard.

The day he got his cap and gown. I know what you are thinking, and yes he is handsome. Of course you have to try it on before the day of. So, clearly I had to take a picture.

Now, you are wondering "Graduation times 2? What does that even mean?"

Take a look:

No, that is not his actual cap, that is what we {at Elison Orthodontics} give to patients who "Graduate from Braces" and Kase finally did! That is how he has graduated twice this week! His teeth look so amazing. We even had a BBQ with friends to celebrate. He had a few requests of things to eat as a fresh, new toothed person. 
Charlston Chews

I didn't have all of that for him last night but we did have burgers and that was enough for him.

Monday, April 2

the NCAA monday night partay

{this is katie and I took this from her blog, hope she doesn't mind, I just wanted you to see how cute she is!}

Tonight we are watching the NCAA championship game. We went to the gym, ate dinner, and now its sweats time while he watches the game and I paint my toes. We love our bonding time, on commercials we chat and giggle.

We are most excited about the fact that our friends are having a baby within the next 12 hours. We made guesses on weight. I say 6lbs 14oz and Kase says 7lbs 3oz. Oh, lets be honest, I don't care who wins, I just want to see the little guy. Congrats you soon to be momma and dadda. We love you guys! You can do it Katie.