Thursday, March 1

three Awesome things

I will make this very easy. I have thoroughly enjoyed 3 things today.
 #1 (first picture) Who knew that existed? I love those and I think I would devour that, sadly.
#2 (second picture) The newest and most fun/hilarious app that I got on my phone {thank you dust and brooke}. Seriously get it! Then play me!
 #3 (no picture, luckily) I was recently using the ladys room {i was only going potty} and I hear below me a man singing gleefully and then the bathroom fan flips on, I guess he likes to sing while...

 I cant wait for tomorrow and all the relaxation it will bring, for me. On the other hand, Mr. Sir (hehe) has to study study study and take a test Friday and Saturday. Which in turn means, no k-a time this weekend, except Saturday night, hopefully. Cross your fingers, and pray for the handsome one.

 I love that word, drawsome. Gets me every time. 

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