Thursday, March 29

Oh, the Bracket.

Here is what you get when your hubs loves, adores, cherishes sports. You get sucked right in with him. Yes, I did beat him in the bracket last year. Pure miracle. The way I would pick is like so... temple vs. Tennessee (just made that right up) Oh temple because I like going there. Or, florida vs. mississippi, Florida is warm and sunny, I will pick them. You see, absolute zero knowledge on the situation. I would just pick the one that sounded better to me. Whether they were ranked 1 or 16. So I guess I picked a lot of upsets and that helped me out! Hubby and Wife hobbies, gotta love 'em.

This year was most definitely not like last year, I blew it in the first round or rather Duke blew it in the first round. Better luck to me next year!

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