Wednesday, March 28


What a crazy year it has been, or wait, it has only been 3 weeks! Wow, time is flying and I am going to admit to you that I have a problem. It is called time management. This winter really made me want to become a blanket wearing couch potato. You must know how happy I am that it is finally warming up (although: as I look outside it is overcast). Therefore, these next couple of days will be known as "ketchup" days (aka catch-space-up). So I will be bombarding you with multiple posts dating back to March 10th. I am a winner. So enjoy this story infested, picture viewing, ketchup consuming weekend.

You may be wondering how I have so much time on my hands. Well my friend, I have work off today through Sunday. Bliss. Pure bliss. Plus my calendar tells me to be productive. So I must.

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