Thursday, March 29

Dessert Challenge

I am still alive. I didn't eat any chocolatey, sugary, creamy, yummy desserts for a week {same with kase}. We were eating ice cream the other day and that was like the fifth desserty thing I had eaten that day, so I asked kase if he would want to try and not eat any desserts for one week. He agreed and.... we did it! Boy were we tried and tempted. Let me share: One night Kiwi Loco {you should all know about this place because I talk about it oft} was doing a buy one get one free, we didn't go. Another night at dress rehearsal they brought in fro yo, did not partake. Then the next night there was candy all over the dressing rooms, I said no. This one is the kicker of all kicks, we had ward conference and so the Stake Presidency was there, just so happens that a member of our Stake Pres. is the owner of Farr's Ice Cream and after he taught the sunday school lesson, they served huckleberry choco chip ice cream, and we gave in. JOKES, we didn't eat a single lick, nor a smell, that may have been cause for failure. So the day has finally come. We get to eat dessert. We shall eat buckeyes. Yum. But hey, at least I know I have self control again. I honestly thought I would never see the day again. One proud wife.

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