Friday, March 2

Boom Baby

What are you doing August 25th 2012? Oh, cool, you want to know what Kase and I are doing?
 Just signed up. No turning back. Only training from here on out. Will power. Sweat. Determination. Encouragement. Man, that 5k really got us worked up! Well, I sure am excited and I have been semi preparing for it but now I really need to get my "rear in gear". {I just made that up, kind of catchy? :)}We will be doing THIS race. It is in Utah, so I extend an invitation for all those living in Utah to come support us. It will be fun... 
Sorry no pictures but we will get some of us training soon and you can admire them.


  1. good for you guys! chase and i are running one too on the island. good luck! you guys have TONS of time to train my goodness

  2. That is my favorite half I've done. SO fun and pretty!

  3. Yeah baby! those 13 miles don't stand a chance.... we are so going to rock this!

  4. you go girl! i'm gonna pretend your running for me because there is no way i could ever run a half marathon :) you are superwoman!