Friday, March 30


I, along with everyone else in the world, love to receive trinkets in the mail. Whether it is a package, a handwritten letter or bills! Baha, you have to know I am kidding with the last one. I went to the mail today and had a package. Owowww. I now have 2 fresh new replacement heads for my clarisonic. My face is going to feel so fresh and so clean clean. (I may have just sang that, in turn making my hands type it). Have a wonderful Friday. I am off to Cafe Rio with the mommy and then a Sam's run. I am doing it, I am being productive.

Thursday, March 29

brushin up on my skills

{That is one hard chord and I am still working on perfecting it}
Lately, I have picked up the guitar again, literally I have not touched one in years. I mean I was never a magical musician like Kasey but I dibbled and dabbled. I even took a classical guitar class on campus, (in which I got a B+, so that tells you about my dibble and dabbling) but that was winter of 2009. So my skills are, to say the least, very rusty. I am starting slow but I am doing it. Maybe one day I will even be able to do more than a single beat strum, still working on that one.

Dessert Challenge

I am still alive. I didn't eat any chocolatey, sugary, creamy, yummy desserts for a week {same with kase}. We were eating ice cream the other day and that was like the fifth desserty thing I had eaten that day, so I asked kase if he would want to try and not eat any desserts for one week. He agreed and.... we did it! Boy were we tried and tempted. Let me share: One night Kiwi Loco {you should all know about this place because I talk about it oft} was doing a buy one get one free, we didn't go. Another night at dress rehearsal they brought in fro yo, did not partake. Then the next night there was candy all over the dressing rooms, I said no. This one is the kicker of all kicks, we had ward conference and so the Stake Presidency was there, just so happens that a member of our Stake Pres. is the owner of Farr's Ice Cream and after he taught the sunday school lesson, they served huckleberry choco chip ice cream, and we gave in. JOKES, we didn't eat a single lick, nor a smell, that may have been cause for failure. So the day has finally come. We get to eat dessert. We shall eat buckeyes. Yum. But hey, at least I know I have self control again. I honestly thought I would never see the day again. One proud wife.

Oh, the Bracket.

Here is what you get when your hubs loves, adores, cherishes sports. You get sucked right in with him. Yes, I did beat him in the bracket last year. Pure miracle. The way I would pick is like so... temple vs. Tennessee (just made that right up) Oh temple because I like going there. Or, florida vs. mississippi, Florida is warm and sunny, I will pick them. You see, absolute zero knowledge on the situation. I would just pick the one that sounded better to me. Whether they were ranked 1 or 16. So I guess I picked a lot of upsets and that helped me out! Hubby and Wife hobbies, gotta love 'em.

This year was most definitely not like last year, I blew it in the first round or rather Duke blew it in the first round. Better luck to me next year!

Miss Rexburg

On March 10th there was a pageant in little ole Rexburg. Indeed, Miss Rexburg. This was my second year that I was a hostess and I had another winner, other than my feet that is. There were three title holders all will go on to compete in Miss Idaho and all got the same amount of scholarship money. My girl, Kayli Schwendiman, won the title Miss Madison County. It was definitely a busy weekend but a fun one! All the girls are beautiful and I met many new, wonderful friends.

Wednesday, March 28


What a crazy year it has been, or wait, it has only been 3 weeks! Wow, time is flying and I am going to admit to you that I have a problem. It is called time management. This winter really made me want to become a blanket wearing couch potato. You must know how happy I am that it is finally warming up (although: as I look outside it is overcast). Therefore, these next couple of days will be known as "ketchup" days (aka catch-space-up). So I will be bombarding you with multiple posts dating back to March 10th. I am a winner. So enjoy this story infested, picture viewing, ketchup consuming weekend.

You may be wondering how I have so much time on my hands. Well my friend, I have work off today through Sunday. Bliss. Pure bliss. Plus my calendar tells me to be productive. So I must.

Friday, March 2

Boom Baby

What are you doing August 25th 2012? Oh, cool, you want to know what Kase and I are doing?
 Just signed up. No turning back. Only training from here on out. Will power. Sweat. Determination. Encouragement. Man, that 5k really got us worked up! Well, I sure am excited and I have been semi preparing for it but now I really need to get my "rear in gear". {I just made that up, kind of catchy? :)}We will be doing THIS race. It is in Utah, so I extend an invitation for all those living in Utah to come support us. It will be fun... 
Sorry no pictures but we will get some of us training soon and you can admire them.

Thursday, March 1

three Awesome things

I will make this very easy. I have thoroughly enjoyed 3 things today.
 #1 (first picture) Who knew that existed? I love those and I think I would devour that, sadly.
#2 (second picture) The newest and most fun/hilarious app that I got on my phone {thank you dust and brooke}. Seriously get it! Then play me!
 #3 (no picture, luckily) I was recently using the ladys room {i was only going potty} and I hear below me a man singing gleefully and then the bathroom fan flips on, I guess he likes to sing while...

 I cant wait for tomorrow and all the relaxation it will bring, for me. On the other hand, Mr. Sir (hehe) has to study study study and take a test Friday and Saturday. Which in turn means, no k-a time this weekend, except Saturday night, hopefully. Cross your fingers, and pray for the handsome one.

 I love that word, drawsome. Gets me every time.