Friday, February 10

Remember That Time When..

Kasey did these things and made me laugh until my knees were so weak that I literally fell to the ground. I love this man so much and I am so proud of all the hard work he puts in to school, his calling, me, and anything he does. I am so grateful for him and couldn't have found a better hunk! Yes, I just used a 3rd grader word. Hunk. Happy weekend!
 The fog from the dishwasher +glasses + that mouth open = fall on floor laughing

 Him wearing my scrubs that are WAY too small for him then flexing like a macho man again leads only to floor. laughter.

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  1. hahaha..... I MUST have Bruce try on my scrubs right now! Hahahahahaha.... of course it will be my poopy pants scrubs. Oh and member how you have an iphone. ya. i member.