Sunday, February 5

A Plethora of Joy

You never truly understand how wonderful and great the internet is, until you don't have it. This weekend our internet was out for 2 whole days! That means I could not do my daily blog stalking, pinterest gazin', facebook checkin', and lastly, I couldn't do a blog post. So I am sorry for the lack of posts. Well a few things worth noting from this weekend:
-My dear sister and her hub (and her bun in the oven) came into town for a wee little visit.
-Kasey took 2 killer tests. He is so great. (love you mr.)
-I had mouth watering Thai food, seriously my mouth just watered, with my wonderful friend Nikki, for her big birthday today. Happy Birthday!
-Watched my new favorite movie, We Bought A Zoo. Go see it this week, you won't be disappointed.

Now I would like to give a little shout out to my twin sisters Binks and Keeks aka Baylie and Carlie. They are turning 12 tomorrow! The last ones of the family have now made it into YW and I am not sure, but my mom AND dad just might cry. The twins are to the point where doing things together isn't cool (we all know one day that will change). But for now, one went out on a dinner date with the parents yesterday and the other will go out tomorrow. Happy Birthday you beautiful growing girls. We sure love you!

Post script, I don't work tomorrow. Holy cow, sunday night has been so much more enjoyable. I have some big plans like sleep in, work out extra hard, make a great dinner, clean, finish my frame wall (maybe, don't get your hopes up), paint my nails, and wear normal clothes. Ooo la la sounds like a marvelous day! 

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