Wednesday, February 29

Leap Day + A Day Off

{yes we like photo booth: mom, dad, tess, me}

So I have the day off! I hope to never have to "work" another leap day...odds are in my favor. Although I sure hope the next one I have some kiddos, then that "work" would be just fine by me! I plan to spend the day relaxing psshh, who am I kidding. I have so much to do, I mean I already worked out, did some laundry, took a shower (that's a big one), and now I have to go figure out some money issues. Insurance, yuck. So on this wonderful day of snow and wind I will be a busy little bee. Although my main squeeze and I do get to take a romantic trip up to the beautiful white place on the hill :) That will make for a good day! I hope you enjoy your day that only comes once every four years. Happy Leap Day.

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