Wednesday, February 1

hooray. its here.

It is finally here, it is February! Oh I just love this month and this year I love it even more. Reason: The Vow. I can not wait to see this and I have been waiting since October, how does that work? A few other reasons why I am so happy it is here; Valentines day, my birthday, The Vow {did I say that yet}, and it is one month closer to spring. Which in turn means two more months unitl Mr. Sir graduates and then we go on a warm sunny vacation! Oh ya, how could I forget, and we get a personal assistant named Siri, coming soon, like tomorrow. So many things to look forward to. Oh blessed February. Go out and make it a good one.

{Last years warm and happy thoughts}


  1. Speaking of a warm guys are invited to Powell again. I know you are usually busy, but maybe you can come this year!!!

  2. you are adorable... my mom said she saw you the other night at the miss rexburg meeting!

  3. That looks sooo romantic! You guys sure are cute, not gonna lie.