Saturday, February 18

Epic Saturday Night (one week ago to this day)

It started out as a wonderful, fun, girls night out and then it only got better. Remember Nikki Nash, of course you do, she is the one that made this for me. Well she and I went on a lovely girls night while the hubs went night boarding together. Nikki and I went to see The Vow {didn't meet my expectations, but I still liked it} and during the movie I got a missed call from some random number. Me having just got a new phone, I didn't think much of it, until that same number called again and again and again. Then I panicked. For all the right reasons: I hadn't heard from him yet {he didn't text me to let me know he arrived safely}, he was snowboarding at night, and I was watching a movie about a girl who gets in an accident and forgets her husband. I just knew he was hurt and would wake up in a few days and I would have to relive this movie. I would have to make my husband fall in love with me. Sheesh, it was hard enough the first time.
Turns out, he lost his keys and they were kicking them out and locking up the gates. What a relief. After what my mind had just cooked up, I wasn't even mad that I had to make the hour and a half round trip to go get them, I was just purely thrilled that they were okay. Although it was quite the adventure, scary bridges to cross over, fog with those scary lurking trees, phone about to die with the GPS telling me how to get there, thoughts of vampires {too much Vampire Diaries I guess}, the possibility of wildlife jumping out in front of me, although, there was no snow and no ice. What a blessing. We are all safe and I think Kasey is even going to be able to laugh about it soon. As Nelson said, "These will be great bed-time stories for out kids someday". Epic night.
{sorry I don't have any pictures of that night, but here are some happier times}

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