Monday, February 6

The Day Off

Hey, so member that time that I had the day off and I was completely and utterly unproductive? Yep, that was sure me today. Let me tell you, IT FELT GREAT. I slept in, watched the news, then watched full house. Yes, you heard me correctly. Then I finally made it to the gym oh around noon. It was after this that I made the best decision ever, although it did halt all of my attempts of being productive (the rest of the day at least). I went to my mothers and got her all to myself and I guess we took advantage of that because we chatted and chatted for 2 hours, while eating salsa of course. Even though I am a married woman and on my own, I still need my mama sometimes. Who am I kidding, I need her all the time but I can't always have hourly long chats. So my unproductive day turned productive in a different sort of way and it was worth every second of no make-up/still in gym clothes. Oh yes, but I did make this here deliciousness. Pinterest inspired and cookbook worthy. I hope your day was just as unproductive as mine, because frankly, those kind are sometimes the best kind.

We had to improvise slightly due to the fact that our red potatoes were a little, well, mushy. It was still yummy but next time I will definitely try it with the reds! If you would like the recipe Click Here. Oh yes, and we didn't use bone in chicken. Yuck, I don't mess with that, most def boneLESS.
Happy day off to me, and guess what, it will happen again on thursday. I will try to have a different "unproductive" productive day.

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