Wednesday, February 15

The Day After

Well, we did not capture as much as I had intended mostly because I was a little rushed. Here is why, Kase had a floor hockey game at 6. Sooo, that kind of twisted things, just a tad, but we made it work and it was a great night. During the day I made hims a candy gram bouquet {pictured below} and then after work I went straight to his game. After they killed their opponents, we came home and made homemade pizza dough in my lovely bosch, of course. During this process, Kasey was utterly amazed. He just couldn't believe that we were the ones that made the pizza from scratch. We both agreed that this years pizza was mucho better than last years {when we bought dough}. Feels good. Then we dipped some strawberries, drank some bubbly {sparkling cider duh}, and watched {for the first time} the newest Twilight movie. We giggled lots and Kasey decided he loves Jacob. It was such a fun day. Hope yours was great too!

Don't mind my dirty oven....

Oh shoot, close your eyes, don't look at the wall, you did, didn't you? Why do people always do what you tell them not to? :) Well, that post is soon to come as well!

Oh he sure is handsome. I had to make him laugh so he didn't look like my child just posing for a picture with that "I don't want to do this but your telling me to so cheeese" face. 


  1. How cute! And your pizza looks so yummy! Jealous of your skills- little ceasars probably is too.

  2. You guys are so cute!! Looks like so much fun. I'm jealous of your Bosch...just sayin. They put my KitchenAid to shame! Miss you guys!