Friday, February 17

All things Birthday

If you can't tell, I am feeling pretty good. Oh and take a look at this weather! Couldn't have asked for a better day, and it's not even over. So much has yet to come {such as curry}.
*Oh ya and that purple hand-written card is from a patient of mine. Makes me feel like a million bucks*
Lovin' today, hope you are too!


  1. yay so happy for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! how old are you!?!? and what do you mean patient? you're graduated? what do you do?

    1. I am 23. Wow, compared to Adele I have done nothing with my life! jokes. But I work for an orthodontist. I only got my associates! So not a patient as in Nurse but my patient that I work on her teeth! haha

  2. oh happy happy birthday amber! it looks like you got spoiled!! love you and glad it was a great day!