Wednesday, February 29

Leap Day + A Day Off

{yes we like photo booth: mom, dad, tess, me}

So I have the day off! I hope to never have to "work" another leap day...odds are in my favor. Although I sure hope the next one I have some kiddos, then that "work" would be just fine by me! I plan to spend the day relaxing psshh, who am I kidding. I have so much to do, I mean I already worked out, did some laundry, took a shower (that's a big one), and now I have to go figure out some money issues. Insurance, yuck. So on this wonderful day of snow and wind I will be a busy little bee. Although my main squeeze and I do get to take a romantic trip up to the beautiful white place on the hill :) That will make for a good day! I hope you enjoy your day that only comes once every four years. Happy Leap Day.

Friday, February 24

Mr. Sir

So you all know that this is the name I often refer to Kasey by: Mr. Sir. Well funny thing is this, I may or may not stop calling him that. I watched Holes recently and that is what they call the mean guy that gives the boys their water also the same mean man that gets slapped in the face with the snake venom. Member him? Well I laughed and thought you could use some food for thought. He may always be my little Mr. sir, it just suits him, for now.

p.s. for those who LOVE Psych (like kase and I) Sam from holes is Burton Guster. About died of laughter. If you understand what I am saying, then kudos to you.

Wednesday, February 22

The story of the Penny Candy

Remember that time when you would go to the gas station and stock up on penny candy. All sorts of yummy kinds, the watermelon *a personal fave*, sweddish fish, sour apple, etc. Well, I guess it has been a while since I have done this because not only was this super funny to me but it also made me so sad. What is wrong with this picture? Yes, you are right, that penny candy should now be called 2 penny candy. What is this world coming to, stupid inflation {excuse my language}. But I mean come on, when the world is as rough as it is can't a girl just go and get 25 pieces of penny candy for a quarter? The answer: No.
I guess I can should say something positive now, Kase and his team of Knuckle Pucks {floor hockey} won their game last night, making them the Champions! It wasn't even fun to watch, and I mean that in the best of ways, due to the fact that the final score was 17-3. Now you get it. Well, I am off to enjoy my 60mph winds outside, although it is making the snow go away, so again, still positive!
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, February 20


{Picture taken from google images}
This app gives me nightmares. Who in their right mind would want this? Who? and Why? Just wrong and nasty. Seriously I am squinting as I type this because I can barely stand this picture. Oh I am dying.
I am sorry I even just posted this.

Sunday, February 19

Celebration B-day Style {all weekend}

All I have to say is I feel so loved! Also, thank you to everyone who made turning 23 a happy thing rather than an "I am ALREADY 23 what am I doing with my life" type of thing. I loved it all.
post script: my mr. made sure I got everything on my list. If you forgot what was on my list go Here to be reminded. The book isn't here yet but it has been ordered. Same with my bath pillow. Pure love.

Saturday, February 18

Epic Saturday Night (one week ago to this day)

It started out as a wonderful, fun, girls night out and then it only got better. Remember Nikki Nash, of course you do, she is the one that made this for me. Well she and I went on a lovely girls night while the hubs went night boarding together. Nikki and I went to see The Vow {didn't meet my expectations, but I still liked it} and during the movie I got a missed call from some random number. Me having just got a new phone, I didn't think much of it, until that same number called again and again and again. Then I panicked. For all the right reasons: I hadn't heard from him yet {he didn't text me to let me know he arrived safely}, he was snowboarding at night, and I was watching a movie about a girl who gets in an accident and forgets her husband. I just knew he was hurt and would wake up in a few days and I would have to relive this movie. I would have to make my husband fall in love with me. Sheesh, it was hard enough the first time.
Turns out, he lost his keys and they were kicking them out and locking up the gates. What a relief. After what my mind had just cooked up, I wasn't even mad that I had to make the hour and a half round trip to go get them, I was just purely thrilled that they were okay. Although it was quite the adventure, scary bridges to cross over, fog with those scary lurking trees, phone about to die with the GPS telling me how to get there, thoughts of vampires {too much Vampire Diaries I guess}, the possibility of wildlife jumping out in front of me, although, there was no snow and no ice. What a blessing. We are all safe and I think Kasey is even going to be able to laugh about it soon. As Nelson said, "These will be great bed-time stories for out kids someday". Epic night.
{sorry I don't have any pictures of that night, but here are some happier times}

Friday, February 17

All things Birthday

If you can't tell, I am feeling pretty good. Oh and take a look at this weather! Couldn't have asked for a better day, and it's not even over. So much has yet to come {such as curry}.
*Oh ya and that purple hand-written card is from a patient of mine. Makes me feel like a million bucks*
Lovin' today, hope you are too!

Wednesday, February 15

The Day After

Well, we did not capture as much as I had intended mostly because I was a little rushed. Here is why, Kase had a floor hockey game at 6. Sooo, that kind of twisted things, just a tad, but we made it work and it was a great night. During the day I made hims a candy gram bouquet {pictured below} and then after work I went straight to his game. After they killed their opponents, we came home and made homemade pizza dough in my lovely bosch, of course. During this process, Kasey was utterly amazed. He just couldn't believe that we were the ones that made the pizza from scratch. We both agreed that this years pizza was mucho better than last years {when we bought dough}. Feels good. Then we dipped some strawberries, drank some bubbly {sparkling cider duh}, and watched {for the first time} the newest Twilight movie. We giggled lots and Kasey decided he loves Jacob. It was such a fun day. Hope yours was great too!

Don't mind my dirty oven....

Oh shoot, close your eyes, don't look at the wall, you did, didn't you? Why do people always do what you tell them not to? :) Well, that post is soon to come as well!

Oh he sure is handsome. I had to make him laugh so he didn't look like my child just posing for a picture with that "I don't want to do this but your telling me to so cheeese" face. 

Tuesday, February 14

Happy Love Day!

This is how we started our morning, much more to come on this red, white and, pink day. Tomorrow the rest of the day will be shared. P.s. Note to self, don't wait to do Valentine shopping until the day of. Bad idea. Make it a "love"ly day!
{Perfect socks all things considered, yes I will wear them all day}

Monday, February 13

One of a Kind

Meet Nikki Nash. I love her so much and I am so happy that we became friends, thanks to our hubs who have more man dates together than we have girl dates {how does that work}. She made me this because I was feeling under the weather. I couldn't have asked for a better friend. She is always there for me and knows what to say and how to say it.

She called it chunky monkey pie.
A chocolate crust, with banana cream filling, and peanut butter. 
I never knew that she knew me so well. 
We can't wait to partake.

Sunday, February 12

The Love Run

Yesterday the hub and I decided to do a 5k Love Run for valentines day. Boy oh boy did it show me that I have a lot of work to do before my 10k in May. We have never done something like this together and it was so fun! He sure pushed me and we made sure to high five/hold hands at every mile mark. He encouraged me the whole way and the last two laps we were both struggling, in my head I was thinking, "alright amber, you can do this" and then he said, "I need you. I encouraged us the whole way now it is your turn". I knew it was my turn but he was doing so good at keeping me in it, to win it (which we did win our heat and I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that we were in the stroller group haha). Well I mustered up the energy to say a few pump-up words and we did it! Our goal was to complete the 3.2 miles in 30 minutes and much to our surprise we did it in 25 minutes. 10k, here I (maybe I can talk him into it) come!



Friday, February 10

Remember That Time When..

Kasey did these things and made me laugh until my knees were so weak that I literally fell to the ground. I love this man so much and I am so proud of all the hard work he puts in to school, his calling, me, and anything he does. I am so grateful for him and couldn't have found a better hunk! Yes, I just used a 3rd grader word. Hunk. Happy weekend!
 The fog from the dishwasher +glasses + that mouth open = fall on floor laughing

 Him wearing my scrubs that are WAY too small for him then flexing like a macho man again leads only to floor. laughter.

Thursday, February 9

Our Personal Secretary

Siri is her name, iPhone is the game. Seriously though, it is so fun like a game, we are loving them! The first night we got them we accidentally didn't talk to each other for 2 hours while we played with our phones and then accidentally stayed up way past our bedtime. I guess you could call it a bad case of the iPhone. Photos courtesy of the iPhone via instagram. See, already so useful. Happy weekend, almost.

Monday, February 6

The Day Off

Hey, so member that time that I had the day off and I was completely and utterly unproductive? Yep, that was sure me today. Let me tell you, IT FELT GREAT. I slept in, watched the news, then watched full house. Yes, you heard me correctly. Then I finally made it to the gym oh around noon. It was after this that I made the best decision ever, although it did halt all of my attempts of being productive (the rest of the day at least). I went to my mothers and got her all to myself and I guess we took advantage of that because we chatted and chatted for 2 hours, while eating salsa of course. Even though I am a married woman and on my own, I still need my mama sometimes. Who am I kidding, I need her all the time but I can't always have hourly long chats. So my unproductive day turned productive in a different sort of way and it was worth every second of no make-up/still in gym clothes. Oh yes, but I did make this here deliciousness. Pinterest inspired and cookbook worthy. I hope your day was just as unproductive as mine, because frankly, those kind are sometimes the best kind.

We had to improvise slightly due to the fact that our red potatoes were a little, well, mushy. It was still yummy but next time I will definitely try it with the reds! If you would like the recipe Click Here. Oh yes, and we didn't use bone in chicken. Yuck, I don't mess with that, most def boneLESS.
Happy day off to me, and guess what, it will happen again on thursday. I will try to have a different "unproductive" productive day.

Sunday, February 5

A Plethora of Joy

You never truly understand how wonderful and great the internet is, until you don't have it. This weekend our internet was out for 2 whole days! That means I could not do my daily blog stalking, pinterest gazin', facebook checkin', and lastly, I couldn't do a blog post. So I am sorry for the lack of posts. Well a few things worth noting from this weekend:
-My dear sister and her hub (and her bun in the oven) came into town for a wee little visit.
-Kasey took 2 killer tests. He is so great. (love you mr.)
-I had mouth watering Thai food, seriously my mouth just watered, with my wonderful friend Nikki, for her big birthday today. Happy Birthday!
-Watched my new favorite movie, We Bought A Zoo. Go see it this week, you won't be disappointed.

Now I would like to give a little shout out to my twin sisters Binks and Keeks aka Baylie and Carlie. They are turning 12 tomorrow! The last ones of the family have now made it into YW and I am not sure, but my mom AND dad just might cry. The twins are to the point where doing things together isn't cool (we all know one day that will change). But for now, one went out on a dinner date with the parents yesterday and the other will go out tomorrow. Happy Birthday you beautiful growing girls. We sure love you!

Post script, I don't work tomorrow. Holy cow, sunday night has been so much more enjoyable. I have some big plans like sleep in, work out extra hard, make a great dinner, clean, finish my frame wall (maybe, don't get your hopes up), paint my nails, and wear normal clothes. Ooo la la sounds like a marvelous day! 

Wednesday, February 1

hooray. its here.

It is finally here, it is February! Oh I just love this month and this year I love it even more. Reason: The Vow. I can not wait to see this and I have been waiting since October, how does that work? A few other reasons why I am so happy it is here; Valentines day, my birthday, The Vow {did I say that yet}, and it is one month closer to spring. Which in turn means two more months unitl Mr. Sir graduates and then we go on a warm sunny vacation! Oh ya, how could I forget, and we get a personal assistant named Siri, coming soon, like tomorrow. So many things to look forward to. Oh blessed February. Go out and make it a good one.

{Last years warm and happy thoughts}