Monday, January 23

the weekend of bliss

When hearing the words "in-laws", you may think some bad thoughts (maybe, shoot am I stereotyping?), but for me only wonderful thoughts come to mind. My second mom and dad, aka in-laws, came into town this weekend. It was so enjoyable and it was something so fun to look forward to all week. They surprised me with an early birthday present and Kasey, being the wonderful guy that he is, let his birthday money go towards my present. I am just going to tell you what it is now because I am sure the suspense is killing you, I got a Bosch. Am I dreaming? Oh I am just so happy and I had to tell the whole world. Is your soul now filled with bliss, mine clearly is.

When they told me they were going to get me one I became like unto a small 7 year, giddy. They said that they searched everywhere for a store to buy one but couldn't find one and had resorted to just buying it online and having it sent to my doorstep. Low and behold, little ole Rexy has a basics living store and they sell Bosch's. So no waiting was necessary, I got it same day of purchase (waiting for that to come to my door step would have been utter torture. I mean, I totally would have been calm and patient...). So take a look at the beauty herself. Well okay, lets be honest, her beauty comes from within (that motor), she is not as glamorous as the Kitchen aide model. Sweet spirit?

Mr. and I already miss them being here, but we are so thankful they drove all the way to see us for a short 2 days. Not only did we get the Bosch but we also got to eat out twice this weekend. We love them so much and appreciate all that they do for us. They make our lives easier.

The first thing I made with my Bosch was cookies, of course. Not to toot my own horn but they are delicious and I cant stop eating them...I blame it on the love machine. It's magical.

Oh, how could I forget, the racquetball game. Kasey was talking some mad trash to his dad, and in the end, "Guess the old man's still got it". What an active dad, maybe one day Kase will beat him in the game or wrestling. If you are wondering, the did come out sweating and bruised up. Of course they loved every minute. 


  1. So much fun!!!! Congrats on your new arrival of little miss Bosch!

  2. Love the Bosch! What an awesome gift... you have amazing in-laws!! And you are gorgeous as usual!