Sunday, January 15

perfect start

This here deliciousness was the perfect start to another football weekend. Crepe. Nutella. Banana. It was also the perfect treat for working out so very hard. Now you know why I work out, so I can eat this. I consumed about 7 of these this weekend, don't laugh. So yummy, so easy, and a fun reminder of Paris. I sure hope to go back someday with my love. How romantic. If I have now convinced you to make a banana/nutella crepe, here is the recipe I used --> yummycrepe. Although I did change it a little, since I can't have milk. I substituted Coconut Milk (the link is of the exact kind I buy) for regular milk and it tasted perfectly perfect. Kasey loved them and said he loves them more than me... I think he meant to say he loves than more than I love them. We had a good laugh at that comment. Enjoy your crepe making, paris experience.

1 comment:

  1. YUM i love crepes. my sis is going to paris, lucky you! someday i will go. and you're allergic to milk? bummer :( but i think soy is better anyway!!