Monday, January 16

nailed it.

You might be wondering why I am posing with my cup of fro yo next to a large kiwi poster, with an oversized grin on my face. This is the reason. There is a frozen yogurt place called Kiwi Loco and every weekend, in the small town of Rexburg, they let you guess the weight of your yogurt and if you get it EXACTLY correct, then you get it for freeee! You may be catching on, I won, I did it, I got it, nailed it. Firday, December 16th 2011, I received a large (10.3 oz), delicious, free fro yo! It has never tasted so good. The girl at the register made it seem like everyone and their dog gets it, but she proceed to tell me that 5 in a weekend, did you hear that 5 in a weekend guess it. That is not very many, right? I was jumping up and down and she just said that'll be $2.35. No reaction. Later, Kasey made sure that I knew I was pretty amazing and to not let her down play my achievements. What a hub I have. 

Oh p.s. I did it again, Saturday January 14th 2012 I won again. I guess you could say I am an incredible weight guesser, or I am just determined to always get things free. Your welcome Melanie. (She asked how much I thought hers weighed, I was dead on)

Happy Monday!


  1. Hi. I love you and I love your blog. Great job on guessing right by the way! Sam and I have been watching 24 and during the episode the screen goes black and it shows the time... Probably doesn't make sense unless you've seen the show but we always try and guess what the time will be before it appears and yeah I nailed it the other day. I'm really trying to be better about blogging now so consider me our official blog stalker. Xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Levi and I ALWAYS try so hard to guess our weight and I NEEEEVVER have won. nor have i ever seen anyone win. just sayin'