Saturday, January 28

my birthday wish list



Well this is sure more confusing than intended. I still have a bit to learn on a numbered wish list. 
(so if you have any advice, greatly appreciated)
As you all know I already received the greatest gift ever.. the incredibly bosch... I've gained 10 pounds from having it because of the cookies and zucchini bread that have been made with all its majesty. 
So this here list is just little things that would be great from the Mr. Sir, and if I don't get any from him, I will still love him so much but I might just go buy them for myself. 
They have no rhyme or reason aka the number 1. spot is not necessarily the number 1 thing that I would like. 
#1. The Brandon Flowers album. I am loving "Only the Young" song and many others. Nienie shared this link on her blog and I wanted to share it here to because I want you to love him just as much as we do. (did I really just put Nienie and I in the word "we"? Cool)
#2. The all wonderful Bosch Blender. Member that one time that I love those green smoothies, well my very own black&decker blender broke down on me. Just gave up. So this past week has been filled empty of smoothy consumption.
#3. Stop thinking I am so lame to want measuring cups. I currently have two sets of measuring cups and only one 1 cup and one 1/2 cup and well its just annoying. So I would like a fresh start with measuring cups. We both deserve it.
#4. Who doesn't love to kick back and relax in the bath tub. Either watching a movie or reading a book. Well that is kind of hard to do when your spine is rubbing against the already small tub. So to make my bath time more enjoyable, this is a need.
#5. Mrs. Stephanie (nienie dialogues blog) Nielson. If you don't know who she is you must look her up and find out her incredible story. This here book goes more into depth on her life and experiences. What an inspiration, she can always turn my frown upside down! The book is only available for pre-order right now, but comes out in April! 
#6. Cece is equipped with the capability to plug this here auxiliary cord into the dash and listen to my ipod or pandora. I bet you all have cars that can do that, so you're cool and most likely already have one of these. Me on the other hand, well that is why it's on my wish list. 

There you have it. Even though my birthday isn't until next month, I thought I would give Mr. Sir a heads up, just in case. Happy wintery Saturday. 

Oh P.S. we had quite the food adventure last night so stay tuned for that and we saw New Years Eve. Not sure how much the mr. liked it but I quite enjoyed it. Laughed, cried, and decided to go to New York next year for new years! (we'll see if that happens, cross your fingers for me)

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  1. Love everything on your list... I can't believe you have a birthday coming up so soon!! Wait is it the 17th or the 21st? haha, I kid, I kid. And New York?! So fun!