Sunday, January 22

his day of birth

Bunny ears, are we 5?

Everyone blows out fake candles now, because their wishes come true for sure. Try it. You're not cool unless you pretend you have candles and then "blow them out".

Is it just my family that does this? Man alive he is a good sport. I got him pretty good, I fear my birthday next month.

As you know, we began the wonderful day with some leggo my eggo's and peanut butter (homemade syrup was clearly involved) and then we had to part, I to work and he to trudge in the 40 mph wind at school. But then we re-united at 12:45 for some delicious subway flatbread sandwiches and then I pre-made the requested lasagna so we could still make it to the gym. Hard core. Then, parted again, met up at the gym and had dinner together around 7:15. Now for his very favorite part, funfetti cake and ice cream. We went to my parents house and all of the kids that live here in Idaho came and supported. Love them. On his birthday we just did family stuff, but the night before we went to Buffalo Wild Wings with 10 of our wonderful friends! We stuffed our faces with .40 cent wings, side-note, kase at 30. Woah buddy. They brought him cake and ice cream and the DJ announced his birthday to the whole restaurant. High rollers. We have sure had fun this past week.

By the way, let me tell you a family tradition that I grew-up with on birthdays. #1. Not allowed to clean at all. #2. You get whatever dinner and dessert you want. #3. You pretty much just get pampered (this day does only comes once a year) and #4. Not allowed to clean at all. So you see, it was THE best day when your birthday landed on a a Saturday. No chores.

Now, story time. Kasey, he didn't follow #1 and wasn't the bestest in the world at #3 (nor #4). I mean, come on Mr. let me do the dishes and laundry by myself ONE DAY A YEAR. The little turd, excuse my french. I was on my lunch break and he tries to help make the lasagna, then unload the dishwasher, then clean off the counters, and here is the kicker, he waited until I left for work, after lunch break, and he switched over the laundry. Oh ya and he made the bed! Turd, to say the least. He needs to learn these rules better. We will spend the next 365 day rehearsing and preparing for next year. What a wonderful man I have who, even on his birthday, never ceases to serve and care for me. I love him so much and couldn't have asked for someone more special in my life. May your 24th year be everything you ever dreamed of and wished for. I love you.


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  1. You guys are so cute! I love your blog!
    p.s. amber, please teach me how you get your husband to clean so much :)