Tuesday, January 31

THE food adventure

As promised, the food adventure. It all happened at a place called Big Jud's, if that doesn't say it all then take a looksy.
Maybe this doesn't do "the Big Jud" justice, but let me tell you, it was large and in charge! If they ate it all, bun and meat, then they got their picture on the wall. The boys were determined. They said that when their sons come to school here some day, they will get to see their dad's on the wall. Here we go.

We went with our great friends Jesse and Michele (they are the ones that went on the cruise with us). The boys, ready to tackle the burger. 

At this point, I can not stop laughing and the boys are starting to have a harder time.

He is staying focused.

Last fourth of the burger, they had to cut it up into fourths and eat it like a pizza. So sick. I know, I guess it was on their bucket list. 

Last bite. Look at that face. Pure anger? I guess he was ferociously excited to be finished. I must say, he did a great job. 

If he didn't have a food belly after this I would have been concerned. Wow. Now we will take a look at Jesse's adventure. His was... different than Kasey's. 

Aren't all of his pictures just priceless. For his last bite, as you can see, he shoved an oversized portion in his mouth and actually had it in their for quite sometime. He said his esophagus would close up every time he tried to swallow! Michele went to touch him and encourage him and he piped back, "Don't touch me" which in turn had all of us rollin'.  We were lovin' all of the things he kept saying, and the fact that he had to get up, walk around, and stretch before the last piece. Some quotes never to be forgotten by Jesse McLean:
"This is like birth but in reverse" 
{maybe that is why he didn't want Michele to touch him, now one day , I guess, he will understand}

Towards the beginning of the burger eating fest I said to them both, 
"You're never going to want a burger again"
which he promptly comes back with, "I'm going to have a Big Mac for breakfast"
This kid, I tell ya what, so witty. Never a dull moment.

Jesse's face says it all. 

Proof that the lady took the picture of them to go up on the wall, to reside forever {hopefully} so their sons can one day see the picture and take on the challenge.


  1. HHAHAHAHAHAHA im literally dying laughing!!
    "dont touch me" SO GREAT.

  2. You are so funny. Me and this Big Jud need to become friends- I am fairly certain I could rock this challenge.

  3. hahahah birth in reverse! love it!