Saturday, January 21

first timer in seattle (that's me)

Kase didn't love (nor did he like at all) the gum wall. I think it was a must see and it brought so much color into our life! 

My father-in-law literally got down on his back to get this shot. What a man.

I was so disappointed when I took this shot because it was completely washed out on my camera. Photoshop, you are amazing. All I had to do was put an "antique" color on it and now BAM, does it or does it not look like olden day seattle. Oh I absolutely love it. My definite fave shot of the day.

Patience is a virtue. Yes, believe it or not I was patient and just so happens it paid off. The only two days I would have wanted to eat at this specific place would have been Friday or Sunday. Real quick, does any one loose track of what day it is while traveling? You bet your bottom dollar I do. So I walked into this cute quant shop and said, "What day is it"? Only to hear the most heavenly words.."Friday"!  I mean, come on, it is only my very favorite kind of soup on this earth.  Oh it was bliss in a bread bowl (the bread bowl making it even more of a blissful time). See below, pure bliss. To us both. After I couldn't finish it all, Kase went to town. Can you tell?

Thank you mom and dad Hendricks! We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation with you and the wonderful sites in Seattle. Although, I am (beyond words) ecstatic that we weren't there for the mounds of snow they just got. There wasn't even a drop of rain while we were there. l.u.c.k.y. I think Seattle wants me to like him (him?), and for my first taste, it wasn't too shabby.


  1. so jealous. Seattle has been on my list of places to visit for a long time.

  2. we love washington!! and we love you so what more could i ask?? :)

    1. Ok here is the thing Lei, we commented on each others blogs 12 minutes apart from each other. Maybe not THAT cool but I thought it was pretty cool :) And Nat!! I love you and miss you, happy to hear from you!