Tuesday, January 24


Here is my new go-to meal. I love it so very much, keeps me full, has no dairy in it, so healthy, all kinds of yummy, and easy! My mom has got me on the new kick of green smoothies, they are not always green per-say, sometimes purple, puke green, or orange-ish, but always delish. Be brave and do it. This one here has water, frozen banana strawberry and blueberry, orange juice concentrate, and spinach (two big handfuls). You can do whatever your little pee pickin' heart desires, and you can even add things into it like flax seed. We are talking healthy people. If Mr. likes them, then so will you. Enjoy!


  1. My fav meal too! Love the cute blog!

  2. mmmm.... that pic is just delightful! Makes me actually want to try this deliciousness that you have created! Maybe this friday after we work out and do all of our crafts we shall make this! :)
    oh remember how I just planned your friday sched?