Saturday, January 14


We finally did it! After a year of talking, contemplating, searching, liking this better than that, not agreeing on the same thing, the price too high, not the right color, doesn't feel right, if only in my dreams, should we really spend the money, how much should we spend, whens the best time, where do we get the loan, well you can see the list could go on for hours, I mean, it was a year of looking.. We bought a car!

Boy of boy does it feel good. I think the big guy upstairs had a helping hand in the matter. Everything fell into place in a matter of days, we BOTH loved it (that was a hard and tricky part), it was in our price range, the loan went through perfectly at a great low of 2.5%, and we love it! Did I say that yet? Clearly we are excited and dare I say, grown-up feeling. It was our first big purchase together and it was pretty fun. I may or may not have named her already, of course its a "her". CeCe. It just rolled off the tongue. It suits her. Wait, doesn't everyone name their car? Hmmm. you should.

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  1. wow its so nice congrats!! how fun! man if you saw chase and i's car you would laugh haha, ours sucks. but this is great, happy for you and your pretty new car!!